5 July, 2016

PROLAB prepared for the future

The month of June reinforced one trend in the cosmetic industry. Several worldwide publications dedicated articles to talk about Halal cosmetics. While the Global Cosmetics News revealed how Spanish companies are investing resources to develop their certified product lines, the Al-Arabyia presented the reasons why this niche will be "the next big thing in the cosmetic sector".

As the first Brazilian cosmetic company to receive the Halal certification, PROLAB Cosmetics has been strenghtening its commitment with innovation in the industry. Since 2015, the company has grown its Halal portfolio from 2 to 20 items, including the launch of the first Halal certified professional color dying cream.

According to Eliana Guerra, Finance and Export Director, the number of contacts and interest in the product range has grown sharply since the certification.

"We are positioned to take advantage of the category growth. When the sector searchs for Halal product, PROLAB will be prepared and ready to serve the customers.", she says.


Prolab Cosmetics