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Armoured Feet

Armoured Feet

which is?

Treatment to protect your feet from external factors and keep them hydrated and healthy on a daily basis.

when to indicate?

  • How to maintain the Super Foot Podal Therapy
  • In clients with degree 1 dryness
  • How to complete the Foot Spa treatment

what do i need in the treatment?

  • Clean Express Super Foot (Hygienic Spray)
  • Super Foot Scrub (Exfoliating Cream)
  • Feet Armor Super Foot (Paraffin)
  • Brush
  • Metal thermal boot

how long does the application take?

  • 20 to 30 minutes


Clean Express

Clean Express

Sanitizing lotion that promotes cleaning and asepsis, eliminating dirt. Prepares the feet for a safer and more effective procedure.


Vegetable Collagen, Aloe Vera Extract and Passion Fruit



Super Foot Scrub Exfoliating Cream smoothes roughness and dryness, treating and renewing the skin. Its formula enriched with Vegetal Collagen nourishes helping to prevent dry feet. It softens and restores the skin's flexibility.


Vegetable Collagen

Feet Armour

Feet Armour

Protective paraffin that provides deep hydration to the feet, increasing the skin's elasticity, decreasing the feeling of roughness and smoothing the dry appearance, in addition to creating a thermal film, which helps to reduce the amount of dead cells.


Argan Oil and Vitamin E

Step by step

Clean Express Step 1



Apply Clean Xpress Super Pé sanitizing spray over the entire surface of the feet, sanitizing the plantar, posterior and between the toes.

Scrub Step 2



Exfoliate using the Super Foot Scrub all over the foot, paying attention to the places of greatest dryness on the plant and more care and lightness on the dorsum of the feet.

Feet Armour Step 3



Using a brush, apply Super Pé Feet Armor paraffin to all regions of the feet.

Boot Step 4



Wrap your feet in a disposable towel and put on the metal boot, we suggest using a plastic disposable boot over the feet for cleaning the metal boot. Let the product act for 10 to 15 minutes until the skin has absorbed all the paraffin.

Result Step 5



READY! Exfoliation reduces the amount of dead cells and revitalization with paraffin increases skin elasticity, prevents dryness and reduces roughness.

Super Pé
Super Pé

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