14 February, 2020

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BRALIZ Color 10 Minutes SPREZZO set to gain the world


Launch gains traction and enchants customers dor its results. Find out why this is the innovation of the year.

Productivity. That’s the word that defines BRALIZ main contribution to salons and stylists.

Next March, in COSMOPROF Bologna, BRALIZ COLOR 10  Minutes SPREZZO will be launched on global stage and is expected to be one of the main innovations unveiled at the show.

With breakthrough technology, BRALIZ Color 10 Minutes SPREZZO allows colorists to change the color, cover 100% of grey or lighten up hair fibers up to 3 tones in just 10 minutes. All this with minimal compromise to the hair structure.

With a lower oxidation color development technology, BRALIZ Color 10 Minutes SPREZZO achieves the best in terms of color performance while treating the strands with biotin and the brand’s traditional BBBs (Brazilian Botanical Bioactives).

The color chart started with 30 tones inspired by the European runways and traditionally desired colors that support fast sales and inventory turnover for salons and distributors. And the after color treatment COLOR FIX (shampoo and conditioner) match perfectly the hair needs after the process, locking in customers with the brand and closing the treatment cycle.

BRALIZ Color 10 Minutes SPREZZO is already available in Brazil, Spain, Greece, Poland, Netherlands and will very soon arrive to other markets.

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