14 February, 2020

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CEO Message


PROLAB CEO Miguel Torres share his thoughts on the new year and expectations for 2020.

Dear PROLAB partners,

As we start 2020, I want to extend my wishes of a great year to you, your families and your teams. I hope we can build TOGETHER another very succesful year and transform the lives and businesses of  all the people we work and interact with.

From this year, in each quarter, my team and I are going to publish a bulletin like the one you are reading to share what PROLAB is working on, remind important dates and also create a space for best practices and relevant content that can be useful to all of us.

This is another step that reinforces the transparency and constructive work PROLAB aims at every day.

On top of that, I wanted to vocalize that we are very optimistic with the year and excited with the opportunities in front of our network of distributors. BRALIZ has reached a great milestone: 32 countries working with the product and significant growth in 2019. The ground work has been done with excellence and in many countries the relevance of BRALIZ has already positioned the brand as a trending name among top professionals. Hats off to YOU!

Leveraging such powerful brand, PROLAB launched BRALIZ Color 10 Minutes Sprezzo last September. Expanding the range has awarded a new opportunity to talk to customers and also to introduce BRALIZ in a high sales category in the salons. The uniqueness of BRALIZ Color and its unmatching performance have already shown promising signs where the product is already available.

These are great signs that demonstrate we are in the right path. With the consistency of our quality and uniqueness of our portfolio, I am confident that our distributors will continue to have great avenues for growth and be excited with the year ahead. And new PROLAB distributors will also join a company set for opportunities with great and winning products and brands.

I hope you enjoy the read! And thanks for your continuing support!

Best regards,

Miguel Torres.