30 April, 2019

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BRALIZ is launched in Brazil with a big event


April 29, 2019 marked a historic day for PROLAB Cosmetics. 2 years after the project began, the company has launched BRALIZ Hair Straightening Spray for the Brazilian market.

The launch was unveiled at a large event held at Hotel Macksoud Plaza, in São Paulo, with the presence of over 100 professionals from the beauty and cosmetics segments. Among those present, PROLAB received the visit of 12 professionals from Ecuador, who also saw the launch of the brand in the country happen in the month of April.

Miguel Torres, CEO of PROLAB Cosmetics, says BRALIZ marks a new era for the beauty sector in Brazil: “BRALIZ is an innovation which was idealized within the beauty salon to solve professionals’ daily problems. For hairdressers, BRALIZ means more health, convenience, productivity and, above all, profitability. “

Check out some photos of the event: